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Created : 2013

Leopold Minute, a clockmaker by profession, has been repairing, adjusting and reconditioning watches, clocks and alarm clocks for his costumers for several years.
Split between his passion and his pastime, for but a few seconds Leopold is hypnotized and rocked to sleep by ticking sounds in his shop.
…He is a shy, detailed and meticulous man who becomes lost in a daydream. He is then suddenly filled whit a sweet insanity that he expresses through dance, juggling and acrobatics.
Guided by his extraordinary conscience and his musicality, Leopold possesses an exceptional background on which to develop his own personal rhythmic style.
Stunned by his ever-present conscience, he is torn between his shyness and his desire to take risks, between the twirls of accordion and the softhnees of the cello.
Share these moments of bewildering entertainment.
You will be intrigued! What exactly Leopold’s pastime?
Original idea and director : Soizick Hébert
Authors and performers : David Fiset, Françoise Josette Lépine
Scenography : Josette Déchène, Huguette Lauzé
Original music : Frédérick Desroches
Lighting : Émilie Vachon
Make-up : Nathalie J. Simard
Performance Details
5-12 years or Family show
55 minutes
4 people touring
Auditorium max: 400
Gym max : 300
Set up : 4 h
Strike : 2h


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