Leopold Minute, a clockmaker by profession, has been repairing, adjusting and reconditioning watches, clocks and alarm clocks for his costumers for several years.
Split between his passion and his pastime, for but a few seconds Leopold is hypnotized and rocked to sleep by ticking sounds in his shop.
…He is a shy, detailed and meticulous man who becomes lost in a daydream. He is then suddenly filled whit a sweet insanity that he expresses through dance, juggling and acrobatics.
Guided by his extraordinary conscience and his musicality, Leopold possesses an exceptional background on which to develop his own personal rhythmic style.
Stunned by his ever-present conscience, he is torn between his shyness and his desire to take risks, between the twirls of accordion and the softhnees of the cello.
Share these moments of bewildering entertainment.
You will be intrigued! What exactly Leopold’s pastime?

Prensa Latina, 5 Février 2015
La Berenjana (L’Aubergine) Paso por London


Original idea and director : Soizick Hébert
Authors and performers : David Fiset, Françoise Josette Lépine
Scenography : Josette Déchène, Huguette Lauzé
Original music : Frédérick Desroches
Lighting : Emilie Vachon
Make-up : Nathalie J. Simard

Show Details

Created 2013

5-12 years or Family show
55 minutes
4 people touring
Auditorium max: 400
Gym max : 300
Set up : 4 h
Strike : 2h

Our Creators

Original idea and director

Soizick is an eccentric artist with many talents: female clown, juggler, comedian, musician and coach, she was part of teams touring Dralion Cirque du Soleil and Cirque Éloize Excentricus.

Several schools, circus companies, producers and artists of international renown ask for her expertise as a consultant in clowning.
Having taught at the École de Cirque de Québec and nearly ready to hand over the reins, Soizick shares the vision developed at the Aubergine of being an anchoring point for young circus artists: orientation, continuous education, information sharing, coaching and mentoring.
Original music

Pianist, arranger and composer, he develops his art since 15 years. His wide field of experience includes hundreds of original compositions (musicals, sound wefts of movie, jingles), custom-made arrangements for corporate events, songs, and festivals (Exhibition Quebec, Carnival of Quebec), and artistic performances in several musical productions.

Wooking with several music groups, he occurred during big events of which during the Festival d’été de Québec as well as to Francofolies de Montréal. Multi-purpose musician, he is fascinated by the improvisation and by the creation on the deep, both on silent movies and plays

Author and performer

David started by teaching himself, but he then diversified and intensified his talents by studying with various coaches and masters of the art including Francine Côté and James Keylon, to name a few.
Since 2000, he has performed as a circus artist, entertainer, and master of ceremonies. He often dedicates his talents to humanitarian purposes and is involved with several social organizations at the international level. He strives to refine and adapt his prowess for a variety of corporate and family events and festivals. He has traveled to the four corners of the world to share his love of laughter and his versatile talents.

For over 20 years, Nathalie J. Simard has been known for transforming young and old with her original designs at traveling festivals, and special events throughout Quebec and beyond. Her creations have been seen by and touched tens of thousands of people at major festivals as far away as Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.
In 2000, she founded KROMATIK, a company that specializes in creating makeup for a variety of events.  Nathalie has created characters for many productions throughout Quebec, from theater to the opera, while concentrating specifically on the world of the circus. In 2009, she joined the Cirque du Soleil team to design the makeup for TOTEM, directed by Robert Lepage.


Having a background in visual arts from Laval University and a great interest for textile arts, Huguette Lauzé was quickly drawn to scenography.

Huguette is a costume and prop designer for the musical ensemble Strada (La Fanfarnienté della Strada and the Fanfare Monfarleau) and the Théâtre À Tempo (L’Oubliette, Muche truc and Bidule Band). As such, she also worked on several productions at L’Aubergine, namely Burletta, TerZettto and DODÉ, the Farfaelfes animations, and more recently ÖHÉ. She also regularly collaborates with various productions by the École de cirque de Québec (Christmas cabarets and Mâts et Cordages). She took part in Oser rêver and La grande tablée at Cirque du monde. She also made puppets for the tale Le loup et les 7 chevreaux for the Musée de la Civilisation.

She loves handmade felt work, which allows her to create original hats and accessories.
Author and performer

This multidisciplinary artist from Quebec graduated from the Conservatoire de Musique in Rimouski and was introduced to street art in her childhood. She followed this with many classes at the Cirque de Québec School and Francine Coté's Clown School. In 2007, she formed her street theater company with her twin sister Josette, which led to her performing in many international festivals. A young woman with multiple interests, she also completed a Master's in Theoretical Physics in 2009.

Fed by this experience, her creations equally stimulate the right and left sides of the brain, both your conscious and unconscious mind,  your logic and your imagination.

Author and performer

Josette took the stage for the first time as a pianist at the Conservatoire de Musique in Rimouski.  After her studies, she became a professional accordionist at the age of 19 and was introduced to street art in 2001 through this versatile instrument which allows her to work with all types of artists and comedians.  She is interested in art in all its forms and has also received training in dance, physical and circus theater, specifically at the École de Cirque de Québec

For several years, Josette has brought the arts of the circus and acting to her music, thereby creating her own multidisciplinary acts based in a playful and enveloping atmosphere. In 2007, she found the street theater company Les Soeurs Kif-Kif with her twin sister, which led her to share her art at diverse events in Quebec, in particular for the Cirque de Soleil, as well as at many international festivals.

After studying production at CEGEP Lionel Groulx in the Theatre program, Emilie served as Stage Manager for Quebec companies and Assistant Director with instructors and trainers in the art of the clown. She took care of stage management in places such as the Cabaret du Capitole and the Théâtre de la Bordée, and similarly for events such as La Bourse Rideau and the Festival d'été.

For l'Aubergine, Emilie has participated in several shows including DADA, Burletta, Aaatchoum!, Staccato, Nwolc and La Crèche Vivante. Currently acting as Executive Director of L’Aubergine, Emilie Vachon nevertheless continues to exploit her technical knowledge by designing the lighting effects for the latest productions.

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