Mission and History

Mission and History

Founded in 1974, the company L’Aubergine de la Macédoine has set itself the objective of dramatizing clowning arts through the creation, production and dissemination of high-quality shows that combine various disciplines of the performing and circus arts, all of which are used to serve the characters.
Since its foundation, L'Aubergine has created over fifty theatrical productions and offered thousands of performances in addition to developing and participating in a variety of cultural, sport or corporate events.
From 1974 to 2011, Paul Vachon was responsible for the artistic and general direction of the company. The year 2013 saw the arrival of a new Artistic Director, Christine Rossignol, who shared the organization’s passion for clowning and its vision. Since September 2014, Emilie Vachon has taken over the management of the family business to ensure it continues the mission to which her father, mother and aunt had dedicated themselves.
L’Aubergine has developed different approaches to its creations: improvisations and ramblings on a given topic or circus technique, or from the nucleus of a scenario. No one method is better than another, it all depends on the type of show we have in mind.
This approach is reinforced by the use of what we call at L’Aubergine creation tables. A perennial tool for research, brainstorming and madness, these tables bring together performers and designers over a given proposal so as to better highlight all the relevant aspects, whether relative to the development of content, form, acting, music, physical abilities or scenography. In short, we sit and develop themes and forms. This allows for regularity in the creation process, and enables the art direction team to really act as the conductor of all resulting projects.

That being said, there is an essential ingredient in our approach, regardless of the show, and that’s fun. L'Aubergine likes to shake the tree and renew its troops, energy, techniques and inspiration. A great and well-balanced mixture of youth and experience.

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